Baby Steps To Strength: First Trimester Edition


Discover the magic of our 8-week fitness program, Baby Steps To Strength: First Trimester Edition. This is an extraordinary opportunity not only for fitness but also for self-discovery and growth. It’s uniquely designed to offer enticing exercises that are safe and effective during the special journey to motherhood.
When you sign up for Baby Steps To Strength, you unlock a world of invigorating activities especially tailored for your pregnant body. You will become an exclusive member of MyCoach AI – an exceptionally innovative, user-friendly fitness tracking tool. It creates an interactive environment where you can easily track your progress in real-time and stay motivated throughout your fitness journey.
But it’s not just about tracking. You will gain full access to communicate with me, Coach Emma. This personal touch allows you to ask any fitness-related questions that may arise, creating an environment that ensures you never feel alone on your fitness journey.
You also gain access to valuable resources like my personally developed worksheets that keep you engaged, empowered, and motivated. Not to mention, other exciting perks along the way.
One of the highlights is the perfectly paced 20-minute phone call with me, where we will discuss your personal goals, fears, and aspirations. I’m here to guide you, listen to you, and work closely with you to transform your fitness experience into a joyful journey.
More than just a workout plan, you’ll receive comprehensive workout breakdowns that come with illustrative videos and descriptions providing step-by-step guidance. This ensures ease and accuracy to get the most out of each exercise. The program is adaptable and conceives up to 3 switches for exercises that might not be suitable for you.
Baby Steps to Strength is the perfect middle ground between self-training and one-on-one coaching. It’s designed for all the strong women out there who might not be quite ready for a personal trainer, yet aspire to stay active and energetic throughout their precious pregnancy period.
This program is a beacon of empowerment, supporting your body for the miraculous delivery of your baby. As you embrace the forthcoming transformation, ensure to consult your physician before initiating this fitness program. Let’s take you from feeling good to greatness, always ensuring safety and a sense of fulfillment. Embark upon this wonderful journey of motherhood with Baby Steps to Strength: First Trimester Edition now!

*When purchasing, please understand that it may take up to 24 hours for Divine Body by Emma to submit your information to MyCoach AI to get enrolled in your program.

*In the meantime, be on the lookout for your FREE download!